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Data Art — turn your data into art

Concept, Branding
Graphic Design, Design Lead

At Cheil London

Twitter is a great place to let of steam and share your views with the world. But have you ever stopped to think about how others might see the emotions behind your words? Have you ever considered how much happiness, surprise, anger, fear, calm or sadness is hidden within the linguistics used? We’ve created Data Art, a system that analyses tweets for their emotions and turns them into a bespoke piece of animated art. Head to to create your very own personal artwork.

We’ve taken the concept a step further with this year’s Christmas cards and analysed our client’s tweets from the whole year to create personalised art postcards. The card has been nominated by Campaign as one of the best this year.

CD: Matt Jukes, Georgia Barretta, Technology: Kevin Durley, Developer: Jop Wielens, Copywriter: Michael Buckmaster 

data art logodata art logo

Agency Christmas card 2017



And sometimes there's only one way — A drink for every emotion